Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First grade proposes SCIENCE questions.....

We are studying about SCIENCE FAIR projects and understanding how you do one.  We learned that you must begin with a PROBLEM or a QUESTION.

Here are a few questions that we asked:

Natalia:  "I wonder why soda makes you hyper?"
Gianna: "How does water change colors and brighten up? How does that work?"
Sam:  "How do turtles swim?"
Christopher: "HOw do you make a tornado and water look like a real one?"
Christabel: " How does water form into snowflakes?"
Colton: I want to know how long a battery lasts?"
Penelope: "How do seeds grow?"
Anders: "How when you put a heavy material in water and then it shrinks?"
Daniel: " I wonder if I can make steam?  I think I can.  I will need water, a microwave. Put the water in the microwave and that's how you make steam."
Daniel and his SCIENCE QUESTION journal.
Daniel's diagram for his SCIENCE idea.

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