Thursday, February 6, 2014

WOW! One Hundred Day was fun!

Check the photo tab for all student creative self portraits
at 100 years old!
More to do tomorrow:
Check out our list:

Today we did these things to recognize 100 things:
X    Compared our bags of 100 foods (that you sent from home.)
X.    Counted 100 days.
X    Counted to 100 by 1’s.
X    Counted to 100 by 2’s.
X.    Counted to 100 by 5’s.
X.    Counted to 100 by 10’s.
7.    Wrote our names 100 times.
X.    Read 100 words.
9.    Sang and tallied the 100 songs.
10. Read the Hundred Day book.
11. Counted 100 items (That you sent from home.)
12. Walked for 100 steps.
13. Jumped 100 times.
14. Count 100 cents.
X  . Ate100 pieces of snacks.
16. Jumped 100 jumping jacks.
17. Balanced on one foot for 100 counts.
18. Sat quiet for 100 seconds.
X. Talked about 100 blessings from God.
20. Colored the 100 chart.
X. Picked 100 pieces of trash.
22. Made a one hundred things journal page.
23.  Clapped 100 times.
24.  Made a chain of 100.
25.  Breathed for the count of 100.
X.  Drew a picture of what we would look like at 100 years old.
X.  Stamped 100 stamps in computer class.
28.  Made a number line to 100
Try something for 100 times at your home tonight…. Have fun.

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