Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The special dates are here!  Valentines & Hundred Day!  Below is a list of things that will be important to you, please read and get ready!

Feb. 6th - 100 Days in school!

The actual 100th day that we will be attending school, will be on                   February 16th

We will have our #100 celebration on February 6th, Thursday.

What is a 100 day celebration

A chance to count and recount!
Your child will participate by bring items of 100:
·        100 items in a GALLON SIZE Zip-LOCK bag!  It must fit in the child’s backpack! 
We will take these things out and count them all.  We will line them up in a row to see how long is100.  We will see how your100 things compare to another 100 things.
·       100 FOOD items in a zip-lock bag!
(Such as M&M’s, Chex, peanuts, gummi-stuff, raisins, etc.)
We will compare these bags as to size and weight.
We will mix them in a big bowl.
We will eat them all day long.

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