Sunday, October 27, 2013

Picture Day is THIS TUESDAY!

Tuesday is PICTURE DAY
at 8:15 AM SHARP!
Dress Code standards
(Bring a UNIFORM to change into following the picture shoot, 
if you don't want your DRESS ATTIRE clothing ruined or soiled!) 


Some days throughout the year we have school days, field trips, church functions and school occasions that require non-uniform, but appropriate DRESS attire.  Think of going on a job interview (Simple business attire for an office).
  • Below are the guidelines for such days and occasions where we specifically ask for DRESS attire.
All SPFLS students will be required to wear clothing according to these guidelines.


  1. Dress Pant or Uniform Pant / short
  2. Dress Shirt –

      Must have a collar
    2. Must be button down – no pull over
    3. Logos or pics are not allowed
  3. School approved footwear, eg. tennis shoes.

    Dresses/Tops with sleeves. (No tank tops, spaghetti straps or strapless)

    Dresses at knee length.
  3. Dress Skirts at knee length.
  4. Clothing may not have any logos or pictures.
  5. Tops that are polo or dress attire are not to be of T-shirt style.
  6. Dress pants or Uniform pants / shorts
  7. School approved footwear, eg. tennis shoes.


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